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The Vapartment assembly is a simple step by step process using a basic tool set. You will receive a full instruction manual with your purchase.

When you’re building a house, picking up feet is important, but when you’re building a van, picking up inches is important. This nautical, free-flowing design has allowed us to capitalize on every inch of available space. Providing ample room, storage and comfort, this is essentially an apartment on wheels - A Vapartment

The kit set is CnC cut using 18mm high grade meranti plywood. This provides an exceptional finish that can be stained, oiled or painted to suit your tastes. You can then personalize the decor (curtains, squabs, door handles etc) to make the Vapartment truly yours.

 Most vans are designed from the outside in, which creates problems down the track when cabinets that have been screwed to the shell rattle loose from driving on bumpy roads. Whereas this kit set has been designed off the centerline of the van, from the inside out. Nothing is screwed to the van itself -  it is a free standing structure that self-supports using interlocking pieces. This means there is no van prep required and it is easily removable should you upgrade or sell your van.

All the units are first constructed, sanded, routed and oiled outside of the van, on the workbench provided with the kit. They are then brought in individually and placed in their locations before being screwed off and locked together.

  • Full size bed which retracts into the ceiling on a remote control system 
  • An abundance of storage
  • Easily installable kitchenette + sink unit
  • Easily installable hot pressure shower
  • Space for toilet cassette 
  • Outdoor bench seat 
  • Full sized wardrobe, fitting coat hangers



These modern vans are very easy to insulate should you choose to. Most of them have recess panels which you can remove, fill with insulation and then close again before installing your kit set.

Electrics & plumbing components are all installed after the build has taken place. We provide an amazon list with our recommendations and tips but it is all optional and customisable. We also provide full videos of how to install electrics & plumbing on our YouTube channel.

This kit set is designed with space for two 6 gallon water tanks, gray water tank, water pump, water heater, gas bottle, 2nd battery, an inverter, fridge, stove/sink unit and a toilet cassette.



With your instruction manual you will receive an in depth list of tools, hardware and bits you will need for the build, all of which will be found at your local hardware store.

- Battery drills

- Electric sander and sandpaper

- Associated screwdrivers

- Electric Router

- Clamps

- Pliers

- Tape measure

- Oil, brushes and rags




The kit set is like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Once unboxed you must organize the pieces into their groups, e.g. bed, kitchen, wardrobe.

 Next, we recommend doing the first layer of oil to seal and protect the wood. Lay them in the sun to dry.

We have found that the easiest and most efficient way to build the Vapartment is to get as much done outside of the van as possible on the workbench provided. This means you get to work on a flat surface, stand up straight and with good light - no sore backs!

Once all the units are assembled, portholes are hinged and the doorknobs are on, you will sand them all and give them a second coat of oil. They will be looking amazing by this point!

Now it's time to watch your van come together. Each unit will be carried into the van, placed in position and screwed together. This is the best part and can be done in an afternoon. You'll be pretty proud of your work!

Next, the retractable bed is installed, followed by the electrics and plumbing.

Finally you will give your constructed kit set a quick once over with the sander and it's final coat of oil.

That is the beauty of the kit set - a few days, a few tools, a little bit of work and some motivation and you'll have your beautiful van build complete. Now it is up to you to furnish and decorate how you like.



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