Toyota High top

We now have a kit set for the Toyota High top. 
Its the same unit  as the other kits but has a slightly shortened kitchen. 
Follow the assemble and install process below. 



   Stool and work bench legs 





Plant holder,  wine glass holder , tea cup stand  knobs & door jambs 








Draw and runners 





Kitchen box 





Rear centre box and drop down seat 




Rear high cabinets 









Drivers seat tray 


Suggestion  Don't attach divider until you decide what you are going to carry up there 
Don't attach hook until you position the tray 












Kitchen lockers 





Rear Lockers and seat 















Bench and lockers 









Front Cabinet 




Centre beam 




Centre Gusset 


Don't attach back panel until installing the unit 







Fabricate wardrobe cupboards at assembly stage.  


Suggestion.  Position shelves when you know what you want to put on them. 







Rear Gusset