Va Penthouse Long Wheel Base High Top Vans


The Vapartment and Vapenthouse set ups will fit all vans. 

Click here for assembly video 
This is a very simple build system where you can create your
own high quality van set up easily and cheaply. 
Every aspect of everything is covered in our assembly videos. 
Its just a giant jig saw puzzle that once you get started on you will quickly get a very high quality result. 
At this stage they have been tailor made to fit Mercedes  Sprinters , Ford Transits VW Crafter and Toyotas but they will fit all vans in this size range .
The Va Penthouse has just been created in a long base high top Mercedes Sprinter and it is amazing.
It really is an apartment in  a van. 
This structure its solid , high quality and basically unbreakable.  Your next stage its to personalize it to your own spec. 
You have a very solid platform too work from.
A quick sand and re oil will guarantee you that your Vapartment, never will loose its new super cool look.  
It's only a four day build start to finish.
Follow the vids and images from start to finish.
Take any old delivery van and give it a second life.
Enjoy building  and using this amazing van.
Full comfort in all locations. 
Full Build instructions.

speed and quality are two words the don't go together



Left Hand Drive     Right Hand Drive 


The kit sets work in either.  Most parts are universal but several components have to be mirrored so pay attention as to whether its left or right-hand drive 



So you have just unpacked your Vapartment  Kit Set.    

Oh no  Pieces every where, all looking chaotic.  
Here is a simple method.  
Just like all jig saw  puzzles start with the obvious.    Start assembling all the pieces into the obvious groups.  
 Put all the small pieces in a box. 

 Stage 1 

 Organize your tools, assemble the work bench.
I have found the best practice for the quickest and best result is to find all the port holes  and facias that need portholes and install them into their respective positions.  

Use the trimmer / router to round off all the hard edges.  If you haven't used before practice on the work bench legs.  
Take your time with the hinges.
These are very visual and you want the even so use wedges to keep centered , centre punch the centre of the screw with a drill bit the same size as the hole .  A gentle tap with a hammer is sufficient.  This will ensure that the hinge screw is centre of hole.  
Use your battery drill on slow speed when screwing. 
Install all the door jams and fit the door knob as shown.




Stage 2


Find all the small pieces in the groups shown.
Counter sink all screw holes. 
Assemble as shown.
Use clamps to hold parts in position.
Take your time to ensure all parts are square and even as shown.






Stage 3 


Move onto the bigger parts.  These are exactly the same as the smaller parts, just bigger  so once again use clamps and take a little xtra time to get it right.
Central Box seat locker.  Top just sits in place 






Rear Lockers.   Right Hand drive.   


## for left hand drive flip the base board 180 degrees (lengthways) 









Rear Lockers  short 
##. Right Hand drive.     For left hand drive flip the base board 180 degrees  
(Length ways) 



Rear Long Lockers. 


Kitchen Lockers  










Front Cabinet 






Rear Bench 









Ward robe cupboards 













Va Penthouse Back setup  




Once all the components are built fill and sand  screw holes.  This can be done later if you want but anything you can do out of the van is easier.









Assembly procedure 


For the easiest method follow these diagrams.
Have clamps, on hand.   These will help.
We have tried to eliminate as many visible screw holes as possible screw so when screwing together try and screw from the inside of the cabinets so screw holes art visible.
If you think you need moire screws in some places drill 3 mm hole ,countersink , screw and fill screw hole with wood filler.  
Place forward upright and front cabinet in place as shown.   Push hard back into van walls.  










Assemble wardrobe area. 
First fix block to  wardrobe base as below.   Sit 18mm      3/4 inch  in from front edge. 







Install Upper lockers   Use clamps to help hold in place. 
Push up to ceiling height and screw from inside the lockers 


 Install gussets. 
Push up to ceiling and clamps in place.  
As you screw them off push the uprights out to the side of the van.  This will ensure the kit sets sits solidly in the van and reduce any rattles.





Insert ceiling beam  plates. 



 Install Draw 
Clamp to the bench and then screw in runners. 
Keep it tight so out won't slide out when driving and wax runners with candle wax 
install plant holder 
wine glass holder 
Place central box in position 
Fit Rear drop down seat 
Place ceiling beam in position 
Install bed 
Finish skirting boards 
panels and other finishing components 
Connect electrics. 



By now you should have very few pieces left. 
The long lengths will be skirting boards and ceiling trim. 
Install panels as shown. 
Fill all screw holes with wood putty.  sand with 180 grit sand paper and finish with oil or paint 

Bed and ceiling  beam  



Skirting boards and Trim 











Panels and Trim  

 Attaching the Panels. 


Use a combination of 30 mm  1.5 inch tech self tapping screws and blobs of silicone / sika flex.























Enjoy decorating and hope you have some great trips away.