• What van models do the kit set fit?
  • These designs are tailor made for the Ford Transit Mid Roof Cargo Wagon and the Toyota ZX Commuter but will also fit the Mercedes Sprinter, the Ford Transit LWB High Top & the Ram Promaster. Contact us for more specifics on these other vans. 

  • Who could assemble a Vapartment kit set?
  • This kit set has been designed with people who have never built anything before in mind. It comes with instructions and video tutorials to help you along the way. It is an easy step by step process using a very limited tool set. Anyone can do this!

  • How long does the assembly take?
  • Anticipate 3 - 4 days of solid work for your van interior to be complete and then add your own finishing touches such as curtains, squabs & decor.

  • Is there an assembly service?
  • An assembly service can be arranged if required.

  • Where are the kit sets cut?
  • Each kit set is cut in the country that it is ordered in with our selected CnC cutter. This eliminates freight, export, tax and duty costs and dramatically speeds up the order.

  • What are the delivery times?
  • We are currently estimating from order to delivery approximately one month. This could become quicker.

  • What equipment do I need? 
  • The kit set comes with a workbench in order to make the assembly easier. Required assembly tools are a battery drill, an electric router & sander, clamps,  associated screwdrivers and a tape measure.

  • Is there any van prep needed?
  • No van prep is required. This is a free standing kit set that interlocks into the existing shape of the van. Therefore it is easily removable should you ever upgrade your van.

  • What plywood is available?
  • Birchwood, Meranti and Gaboon ply are available. This can be discussed upon order.

  • What thickness is the ply?
  • The whole kit set is produced in 18mm or ¾ inch ply.


  • Can I personalise my Vapartment?
  • Absolutely! Choosing your own squabs, curtains, handles and oil or varnish color will make this van feel like yours.


    Click image for full assembly video  

    The Vapartment  kit set