Installation Procedure

Follow these instructions for the Installation procedure 

Follow the Same procedure for the Toyota Jumbo 

and the Ford Transit. 

The Ford Transit has a set of  rear cabinets in place of the bed guide in the Toyota. 

The installation sequence is identical 



We are available to do video calls to give assistance if you have questions

through the assembly installation procedure 



Note for the Transit.     Place the bed raising cords in place before you install the rear uprights.    Tie a figure 8 knot in so they don't pull though.  It is a lot easier to do before locating them in place as the uprights fit hard against the rear of the van making it a little awkward if in place .

This is not necessary with the Toyota.  

We have tried to minimize visible screw  fixing so where possible screw from inside of cabinets .

Fill and sand visible screw fixing prior  to oiling.    Generally this will take 2 coats of colored poly filler.  Sand with 180 - 200 grit sand paper for best results.  


 Suggestions.     Use clamps where possible and have good quality driver bits so they don't slip off the screw heads. 


Most of the screw holes will be in place.

But if you feel you need some more in areas use a 3mm  1/8 in drill bit.






Place floor panels 



 Install Rear cabinet 



 Install uprights 


Front uptight fits into the slot on the floor,  Screw fix with several screws from the inside of the cabinet  



 Place front upright in place and sit front cabinet in position   



Place upright in place and sit Kitchenette in place.   Level up an screw in place  










Sit rear cabinet in place.  These will lock in around the wheel arches for location  







 Place rear upright in place and fix with screws. This is screwed at the bottom and centre  of the unit 







Fix kitchenette cabinets ,  Clamp and screw in place.  




 Fix rear cabinets in place.  Push up to ceiling, clamp and screw in place 








Fix bed guide and curtain support structure.   ** If you want to attach curtain hooks fix them now to the window side of the curtain rails. 








Assemble the Wardrobe Cupboard Structure  

 Take your time.    Ensure everything is square and true as you go. Everything should line up flush as per diagrams 



PLace upright and floor panel in place. 


Clamp runners in place and screw fix 




Put facia in place




Fix in top plate and supports 

Check for level and square before screwing in supports  




Clamp and Screw Facia supports in place 





Fix Facia In place 





Fix in shelves.   There is a bit of variation in hight if required. 

Check for level 





Locate bed supports. 

When the bed is installed place the bed locaters in place 

Check for level  Mark and fix in place 

Screw from inside the lockers to minimize visible screw fixing  




 Fit rear and front gussets.     Push up to ceiling clamp and screw 

Drop the structural beam in place.  

This will just sit there 





 Attach rear drop down seat and storage box.    Look at the underside for positioning the base boards.  These are needed to sit the hinges for the fold up seat.  Attach chains and hooks as per diagram. 




 Place rear box seat storage locker in place.  This will sit there.  The top is loose so you can access the locker underneath 



Fit draw.  Clamp the draw in place and screw the runners in underneath the draw.







Install the drivers seat tray.   Hook onto handrail and clamp level.   Eye up for level before screwing in above drivers seat door.
This is a little awkward.  If you use clamps it will be a lot easier.




 Fit bed and raiser. 
More instructions to follow. 
This is a very easy procedure and just requires tying figure 8 knots in the cords











   Your Vapartment kit set ready to go. 


 Full wiring instructions and plumbing instructions will be supplied.


There are several options so it would be easier to discuss.  


We suggest 100 amp hour battery 

 This is connected to the main van battery and solar can easily be installed. 

We use gas water heating unit that has a shower attachment on it.


These are available from Amazon or other camping store. 

The unit is designed to go in the service compartment under the Kitchenette so is easily accessed. 

Water storage fits behind the drivers seat. Once again easily accessed for refilling. 


The gas water heater fits under the kitchenette and will give pressure hot water to the shower and Kitchenette. 


Waist water fits under the kitchenette . 

The rear centre seat has been designed to take a toilet cassette or

this can be 'located under the kitchenette. 


We suggest a 4 or 6  way fused switch panel 

This makes wiring very easy.


Just attach the back and red cables and you will be ready.

For more info please contact us . 


Many thanks. 

 Team Vapartment.