Stealth Mode Vapartment Outlaw


Park anywhere ,   Work anywhere,  Live anywhere,  Hide anywhere.
Vapartment Outlaw.


Van Life is one of the coolest life style choices out there.  It's not for everyone but the chosen few totally appreciate it.

Urban Living in a van is great but it doesn't matter which country you are located there is a requirement to go stealth if you choose to live and work in any of the major cities around the world.

When I mean stealth, I'm fundamentally referring to the parking tickets that are received and all the laws around living in vans in urban areas. 

Hence the Vapartment Outlaw.

This has been designed with stealth living in mind. 

An un descript mid size white plain van can be parked in secrecy at all major city location.

Under the disguise of a delivery van lies the coolest inner city apartment on the market.   Easy to hide , easy to move,  easy to run from the parking officials that plague van lifers life.