Installation Service

Vapartment installation service                                                               $20,000

Vapartmet  offers a full installation service to help you get into the Vapartment lifestyle.


The client provides the van and the team will fully assemble the kit set int your van. 


The total cost for Kit set and installation service is                              $ 20,000


This includes a fully installed Kitset. 

Electrics  Lights , 100 amp hour house battery, 4 way switch board, charging outlets, electric winch, water pump

Plumbing   Water storage,  hot shower unit , small grey water waste tank


Vapartment does not supply Kitchen Gas unit.  (client to decide)


Insulation at owner request.   ( there are many types of insulation that can be fitted. To be discussed.)


Extras are roof racks and solar panels. (To be discussed)